Amazon Affiliate: Basics in affiliating

We all know, Right?

A key to success as an online marketer or  affiliate marketer is getting behind a product or company you know and trust. is one of the first companies I choose to become an affiliate with, not only because I am a Prime member and do 90% of my online shopping through amazon, but they offer a wide selection of products to choose from, they even make it extremely easy for affiliates to get their products advertised, as they offer a wide variety of banners and ads to choose from.

Welcome to my Faux Amazon affiliate page!

Here I have some ads placed recommending some of Amazons services, including Prime which I highly recommend for anyone who is an avid online shopper

Don’t hesitate to check the links out this may be an informative blog but those are real links!

Amazon Prime offers free 2day shipping on almost all products, plus much more. is a great website to partner up with if your interested in creating a online store, building a inventory or simply seeking to make commission by redirecting sales to Amazon, like me.

Amazon offers a wide variety of tools for your disposal, like the astore. The astore allows you to quickly set up and customize a store online filled with hand picked products from Amazon. As seen with this store I set up within a few minutes as a health and wellness themed site. –>Health & wellness shop

Amazon is never short on promotions. Get your Prime member ship here>

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There are numerous ways to promote Amazons services and products, finding the way that works right for you is the key.

Thanks for reading! and stay tuned more to come!


-Michael Paul-

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