How to Market: A starters guide.

A simple guide with tips and tricks!




This section of the training is all about the Marketing.

Its been set up like a (FAQ) page because most likely, you have questions.

Therefore, quickly scan through the following Q & A to locate the issue or concern at hand.

This forces you to look over other questions that may or may not have entered your mind.

Lets begin…

1) I’m a newbie, please treat me like one. What do I do?

The most important thing you can do right now is make sure that everything is set-up correctly.

Secondly, plan on reading and Studying Everything in this training site.

Yes, I know you want to make money.

But you won’t make any until you’ve mastered the basics and most importantly, learning about the company/services/opportunity they offer.

Third, start small.

You can waste a lot of money online so whatever plan of action you take, be sure to keep your costs low until you’ve proven that particular method.

There are a lot of good ideas presented here, so use them.

Fourth, plan on being here 90 days from now.

You’ll be amazed at how much credibility you’ll gather by sticking with a company rather than hopping from one company/deal/business opportunity to the next.

Remember, your image/reputation is GOLD. Don’t tarnish it by joining gimmicky programs every 2 months.

2) I’ve been involved with multiple programs in the past but have never been able to make any money. What can I do differently here to help make sure I am a success?

The two major and fundamental reasons people fail to get what they want is

A) a BROKEN focus..


B) they fail to invest enough TIME locating where they are supposed to be and in learning the needed skills (marketing), mindset, attitude, etc… required for success.

With that said, your FOCUS should be on lead generation (marketing) from Day 1.

Nothing else matters.

And secondly, spend enough TIME mastering the basics…..

3) How do I get leads?

There are only 2 ways to get leads. Buy them or generate them on your own.

First, lets CLEARLY define a “purchased” lead.

A “purchased” lead to me is where you contact a lead vendor to order a list of prospects who have responded to an ad online about making money
from home.

The PROBLEM with “purchased” leads is that…

a) you don’t know how they were generated OR where they generated

b) you don’t know what they responded to and c) you don’t know how many other people are getting that same exact lead list that you just spend hard earned money on.

Lets compare “purchased” leads to a lead that you generate on your own.

A lead that you create for yourself will be much more receptive to your marketing message because they’ve specifically expressed interest in YOUR offer.

For example…

I run an ad in USA Today, Friday Edition. Costs roughly $260.

* I CONTROL the wording of the ad (who am I attracting)

* I CONTROL the process as to how they respond (website, 1-800 number, email)

* I CONTROL the follow-up process (Instantly getting feedback from ME)

With those 3 things under my control, my SUCCESS rate soars.

Plus it saves me gobs of time from having to sift and sort through the rubble (“generic opportunity seeker” leads) to find a few interested parties.

As a final thought….

Use our sites in your marketing to capture and follow-up with all of your leads.

***Always use your capture pages in your ads!***

***Never send your prospects the the main video without capturing their info 1st!***

You’ll find the leads that come through your sites are much better than “generic
opportunity seeker” leads..

4) I need a step-by-step plan of action. Tell me what to do next?

Go back up and read the answer to Question 1.

Then focus on getting 10-15 ads out there in the next 24 hours.

Even if they’re free ads, doesn’t matter.

Just do something right now.

Inactivity will lead to procrastination which will lead to frustration.

Whereas Activity will lead to more activity which will lead to MASSIVE ACTION. And that’s when things start to get really exciting.

Here’s another perspective:

a) Run an ad.
b) Gather sign-ups from that ad.
c) Take a % of the money received and re-invest it back in for more ads.
d) Repeat the process.

5) Holy Crap… Someone replied to my ad… What do I do now?

Give yourself a pat on the back… You’ve just generated a lead.

Your objective now is to follow-up with that person.

We have built in autoresponders that follow up with your leads..

But if you want to maximize your results with this system, then you’ll want to contact that person via the phone possibly within 5-10min.
6) Can I use offline methods such as magazines & postcards?

Absolutely! There’s an untapped market for those who want to aggressively use postcards and display ads in magazines.

7) What’s the secret to creating 10K a month or more in personal income in Network Marketing, Direct Sales type programs?

Two words… Focus and Consistency. Go back up and read the answer to Question 2. I believe that sums it up right there.

8) Where can I find some great ads to use?

Go to the Ad Center of the training. There are pre written ads there, you can tweak them to make them fit your perfect prospect.

Even if you run out of ideas you can always copy other peoples ads online and when you find one that you can “tweak” to fit what we do then use the foundation of other peoples ads to fit into what we do.

Just do not make any false claims or come off “scammy.”

9) Make deals with people, not computers. Does that mean I can make someone an offer to enroll?

What I mean when I say “make deals with people, not computers” is that it’s the people who are making the buying decision, not the computers.

It’s the person you’re wanting to create a relationship with, not their computer.

So by making personal contact ( via the phone is best ) you can begin to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

10) How many people should I be getting in touch with everyday?

Generate to a Minimum of 10-50+++ FRESH new prospects each and every day!




Doesn’t matter how they come into contact with you.

What does matter is that you maintain a steady pool of fresh prospects coming through your Marketing Pipeline.

11) I’m on a limited budget. Where can I go to place some low cost ads or even FREE ads?

One of the most popular sites online for placing free classified ads is CraigsList. The actual site is…

There several individuals who rely 100% on CraigsList for their Marketing and they’re currently full-time in their respective programs.

That’s enough to know that CraigsList does work for those who want to work it.

12) In the past week, I’ve had 17 calls/prospects come through but only 8 of them have enrolled. What can I do to increase my conversions?

For starters, you’ll always have more unsigned Members than completed.

People will fill out the registration form on your website/call you without any real interest at all.

They just want to see what’s behind the “curtain”.

Of course, human nature kicks in too…curiosity, procrastination, forgetfulness, lack of focus, computer froze up, etc…

Any number of issues can stop a prospect dead in their tracks.

You can increase your number of Completed Members by staying in touch with all of your PROSPECTS via email follow-up and by phone.

Follow-up was and always will be the cornerstone to a long-lasting and success business.

But don’t get caught up in the TRAP of working with “too few a number”.

This means if “Joe Blow” registers with you today, but doesn’t join, don’t get too consumed with trying to convert her to an active member.

Shift your focus to attracting even MORE interested and motivated prospects!

It’s simple…Market, Market, Market!!


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